🎉 Welcome to Holdstation DeFutures Exchange: Join Zealy Today and Earn Airdrop Tomorrow!


🤔 What is Holdstation DeFutures Exchange?

👀 Get ready for the trading experience of a lifetime with Holdstation DeFutures Exchange! 🔥

As the first leverage trading platform integrated into a non-custodial wallet, Holdstation DeFutures Exchange brings you a decentralized, no-KYC, and non-custodial trading experience that puts you in full control of your assets. 💪

Trade smarter and easier with low transaction fees of only 0.08%. And that’s not all! Holdstation DeFutures Exchange introduces two new game-changing mechanisms: Flexible Market Making (FMM) and Dynamic Price Feed (DPF). With these features, you can enjoy a streamlined and reliable trading experience with zero manipulation or deviation in price. 💯

With over 500 trading pairs from multiple asset classes (Cryptocurrency, Forex, Index, Stocks, etc.) using leverage up to 1000x, Holdstation DeFutures Exchange offers endless opportunities to maximize your profits. 📈

🪂 Airdrop

Holdstation DeFutures Exchange has got some exciting news for you! 🎁

Yes, you read that right — we’re planning to airdrop 10% of our total supply as rewards to community members who have supported or contributed to the building of our platform.

🗨️ How to be eligible for the airdrop?

Want to get in on the action and qualify for future airdrops? It’s simple — earn Holdstation Points by completing Holdstation DeFutures Zealy tasks and participating in our community. Holdstation Points are our way of evaluating the contribution of our community members, and so they are used to measure your allocation for the future airdrop. ⚖️💡

🎯 How to Obtain the Holdstation Point?

Ready to start earning Holdstation Points and get rewarded? 🤑

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Join our quest board at https://zealy.io/c/holdstation
  2. Complete all tasks to earn as much XP as possible. These tasks include a variety of tasks such as interacting with our social platforms, Holdstation Wallet, partners, and completing on-chain tasks.
  3. The more XP you earn, the more Holdstation Points you’ll receive — it’s that simple! 💪

In addition, we’ll soon be announcing a conversion mechanism to help you turn those hard-earned Holdstation Points into some amazing rewards. So be sure to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest news and updates. 📣

So what are you waiting for? Join the Holdstation community today and start earning those points for your chance to receive some amazing rewards! 🔥🚀

Your Gate to Web3 💜🦈

Holdstation Homepage: https://holdstation.com

Holdstation Official Links: https://link3.to/holdstation



Holdstation - Account Abstraction Wallet

Making #DeFi as easy as CeFi! Smart contract wallet for futures trading on #zkSyncEra. AccountAbstraction & RealYield integration. Support EVM & Layer2