Social Trading On Web3— What You Need To Know About Holdstation

If you’ve ever used social media to follow an investor and make investment decisions according to them, it must have been your first time investing through social media.

In the crypto market, many times we have invested according to a famous individual, a trading idea or a saying that we think is an opportunity. As an investor who is new to the market and still lacking a lot of experience, it is common to act according to professional investors because it can bring a high win rate as well as gain more knowledge.

But how could we choose a reputable investor whose risk appetite suits us? How do we incentivize these investors to stay consistent for everyone’s benefit? Holdstation Socialfi trading will be a perfect solution.

Holdstation Social Trading

What is Holdstation Social Trading?

Social Trading

We will combine the depth of liquidity of the market, and the fast, direct information of social networks to provide our users with excellent investment opportunities with the highest returns. Holdstation will be the bridge between professional traders/advisors and investors on different investment products — scalping, yield farming, index fund, and NFT investment.

Holdstation Social Trading: Income-generating platform for both amateur investors and excellent advisors

Holdstation is a platform to help people become more successful in investing.

Holdstation’s Social Trading

Holdstation Social Trading — Do we keep your money?

We are a self-custodial platform, which means you are the ONLY one who holds the private key and can log in to many different applications. We are currently launching on EVM layers and will soon have plans to be on Non-EVM layers.

Holdstation is audited by Verichains

Security is always a top priority for Holdstation, all your interactions and transactions would be audited by Verichains — a company specializing in deep research and development in the fields of security, AI and blockchain. In addition, we choose for you the best defi platforms, the most secure and the best prices to use.

What’s coming next?

With all that we have been doing, we believe that the future of crypto is decentralised in which investors can use their accounts to log into any web3 application. In order to mass adoption, we always keep improving the users’ experience of our platform and it must be 10–20 times better.

We are launching new investment products as well as optimizing security to protect our users from the countless risks in the De-fi space.

Your Gate to Web3 💜🦈

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🎯Make #Defi as easy as Cefi 🔥Share your trade PnL 🚀Swap any token & NFT, #Referral to Earn on the #AccountAbstraction integrated, #Selfcustodial wallet 💜🦈