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Holdstation Wallet

What is special about Holdstation Wallet?


Security is always a top priority for Holdstation Wallet. Before being able to achieve their financial goals when participating in the crypto market, investors need to protect their current assets. Therefore, Holdstation Wallet continuously works with many leading reputable auditing organizations to eliminate risks from smart contracts.

Currently, the Holdstation Wallet has been audited by Verichains — a company specializing in deep research and development in the fields of security, AI and blockchain. Holdstation Wallet will continue to cooperate with many other audit organizations.

Moreover, the Holdstation Wallet supports Revoke — allowing to track all the contracts that the user has approved for the use of money in his wallet as well as being able to revoke those access rights. In addition, users can directly control and adjust the amount of cryptocurrency that dAPPs are entitled to use through their wallets.

If most other wallets on the market, this task has to go through many cumbersome steps and is forced to use an external web, only with the Holdstation Wallet, users can perform this feature right on their wallet — convenient, secure and save more time.

⇒ This is a special function on the Holdstation Wallet that reduces the risk of losing assets.

Holdstation Wallet verifies tokens

Besides, Holdstation Wallet will also ensure the safety of your transactions by verifying a token. Creating tokens in the crypto market is not difficult, so there will be many cases of fake tokens of a reputable project that will confuse investors and endanger the assets in their wallets.

Holdstation Wallet will focus on developing a mobile platform instead of a browser one — limiting the situation of being attacked by malicious code from the browser. Connecting Holdstation Wallet to other platforms is simple and fast by scanning QR codes supported by Wallet Connect.

Key features

Aiming for simplicity and convenience, the Holdstation Wallet optimizes token swaps.

  • Low fees (only 0.5% compared to 1% — 2% of other crypto wallets).
  • Low slippage rate.
  • Fast transactions combined with verifying the authenticity of a token, investors can immediately swap any “hot” token but still ensure safety, especially Meme tokens — high profits but with risks if the tokens are not verified and Holdstation will help investors do this.

Not only that, NFT support is also a strength of the Holdstation Wallet as it can display full information about the NFTs investors own — a great place to store NFT collections. NFT holders can use the Holdstation wallet to implement NFT transactions like import or send instantly — very convenient.

Vivid interface

Targeting at Gen Z generation, the Holdstation Wallet has a user-friendly interface with interesting emoticons.

Changing avatar and integrating domain name “.bnb” on Holdstation Wallet
  • With Holdstation Wallet, users can change their avatars according to their preferences for each different wallet address.
  • Proud to be a SpaceID partner, users can integrate the domain name “.bnb” into their Holdstation Wallet — instead of a lengthy and unmemorable line of codes, the domain name will simplify all the transactions from one wallet to another.


  • Currently, the Holdstation Wallet supports many EVM networks: Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon. In the future, it will expand to many others — these are chains with a well-developed ecosystem as well as high security. Initially, the Holdstation Wallet deployed on the iOS operating system, and will soon launch the Android version.
  • When officially released, the Holdstation Wallet will conduct attractive Referral Programs — just invite your friends to join experience Holdstation Wallet and use it often, you and your friends will receive rewards. What’s better than using a Holdstation Wallet and receiving customer appreciation rewards
  • In the next phase, Holdstation Wallet will be the bridge between professional traders/advisors and investors on different investment products — scalping, yield farming, index fund, and NFT investment.

A lot of exciting things are waiting ahead!



Developed by a team of experienced investors in the crypto market as well as software engineers who are former members of the leading technology corporation in Vietnam, the Holdstation Wallet possesses many suitable features optimizing profits and deserves to be a great choice for investors participating in the crypto market.

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