New Generation Token — What Makes GOLD And uGOLD So Special?


Tokenomic has always been one of the key points when investing in crypto projects. We’ve all seen how the excessive inflation of $SLP has negatively impacted Axie Infinity or how the veToken model has created strong growth for Curve.

Therefore, understanding tokenomic will always bring an advantage to investors. Today we will analyze GOLD and uGOLD, the new token pair of Holdstation Wallet, to find out what makes them special and the benefits for holders.

The Gold and uGold of Holdstation Wallet

What is GOLD?

GOLD — a name inspired by the story of the Holdstation Captain Sharky on a journey to find treasure. This is a form of reward points that you can earn through events and experiences on the Holdstation app.

Interactions with the app such as swapping, referring friends or simply just storing assets will reward GOLD to the user. The more users experience the app, the more GOLD they can earn.

Use cases of GOLD — A safe source of income?

What makes GOLD special is that it can be converted to uGOLD, and then uGold will be converted to stablecoin. Meaning, users can increase their income by experiencing and referring Holdstation Wallet.

A safe source of income from the Gold and uGold of Holdstation Wallet

Like many other projects, Holdstation Wallet has a common goal of bringing the best experience to users and spreading it to the community. But the difference is, instead of incentivising with inflation tokens that only last for a short time, like GMT of StepN, you will get stablecoin with Holdstation through our real-yield business model.

Moreover, right from the start, you don’t need to buy NFT to be able to “hunt treasure” with Captain Sharky. You only need zero capital and to be ready to experience with Holdstation Wallet.

Therefore, the mechanism to earn GOLD can be considered a safe source of income.

In the future, we also plan to develop GOLD with other use cases such as:

  • Used to purchase items in the Holdstation Wallet store. These items will help boost the user’s ability to earn more GOLD.
  • Used to purchase Holdstation NFTs and other community offers.
  • GOLD is the user-boosting mechanism in the early stages of the project. Therefore, when the project grows, those who own a lot of GOLD will have special benefits.

What is uGOLD?

If GOLD can only be used in the Holdstation Wallet app, then uGOLD is the door to lead users to real income. In other words, GOLD is a reward point and uGOLD is a token and can be converted from GOLD. From uGOLD, users can swap to stablecoin.

When reaching a specific amount, user will be able to swap from GOLD to uGOLD. Don’t worry, this is how we can filter out people who don’t really experience the app but only want to cheat. A real user experience can reach this number after only a short time.

Why is uGOLD special? Real-yield mechanism?

1. uGOLD can only Sell, not Buy

With most projects when issuing tokens, the price of the token will have a great impact on the company’s business, not to mention the influence of the pump & dump from the “sharks”. Therefore, the sell-only mechanism allows uGOLD to be unaffected by any market maker. The uGOLD price will be completely based on the natural supply, demand and the performance of Holdstation Wallet.

2. Crypto wallet with real-yield mechanism?

Perhaps you are wondering if only selling, where is the buying demand of uGOLD coming from? With the income from the main activities of the wallet such as swap fees and funds from business cooperation with other parties, Holdstation will use at least 30% of its revenue to continuously buy back and burn uGOLD. As a result, the value of uGOLD will grow in parallel with the value of Holdstation Wallet. In the early time when the number of users is still small, the project will use its own Treasury to burn uGOLD.

➡ As can be seen, this is a novel mechanism that makes Holdstation the first real-yield version of a crypto wallet. Users use and experience the project, thereby receiving incentive of BUSD from the app’s revenue. Even better than current real-yield projects, which mostly pay users in ETH. Holdstation pays stablecoin, which is much safer as a stablecoin.

How to earn GOLD with Holdstation Wallet

Earn Gold in Holdstation Wallet

There are many ways for users to earn GOLD when using the Holdstation Wallet app, we will find out in detail in the next article but for now, Holdstation will reveal to you a few hints on how to earn profit 😉:

  • Swap to Earn.
  • Referral to Earn.
  • Own to Earn.

Let’s try Holstation Wallet to discover these features 😋

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