Holdstation: The eToro of Decentralized Finance


Holdstation: Steering Towards Uncharted DeFi Waters

Holdstation, while absorbing the spirit of eToro, navigates through the DeFi seas with its own unique offerings. Aspiring to be the eToro of DeFi, Holdstation introduces the Holdstation Wallet, the first Smart Contract Wallet on zkSync and soon will be compatible with other EVM chains, meticulously crafted for future trading and embodying the principles of decentralization and trustlessness.

Moreover, Holdstation’s DeFuture, as the first exchange utilizing AA to fund gas, offers traders a smooth and efficient trading experience, unshackled from conventional gas constraints.

Anchoring Firmly in Account Abstraction

Holdstation, in its journey through the DeFi seas, has masterfully harnessed the power of Account Abstraction (AA), ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for its sailors. Its adept implementation of AA, especially through the adoption of Paymaster contracts, allows users to pay gas fees with many more token options utilized in the transfer.

On top of that, users can now effortlessly switch to wallets compatible with Account Abstraction, specifically Smart Contract Wallets, with just a single click. This not only enhances the user interface but also ensures that the complexities of dealing with contracts and managing transactions in a convenient manner.

Comparative Lighthouse: Guiding Through Holdstation and eToro

eToro, widely recognized for its pioneering approach to social trading, has successfully demystified the world of cryptocurrency trading for many. It has crafted a space where both novice and experienced traders can interact, learn, and share strategies, thereby fostering a vibrant and supportive community.

Holdstation, while echoing the communal and educational virtues of eToro, ventures further by addressing some of the pain points experienced by users in the DeFi space, such as transaction fees and wallet security. It’s a platform where the benefits of decentralized finance are not just preserved but also enhanced, ensuring that users, whether seasoned or new, can navigate through the DeFi seas with ease and security.

In essence, while eToro and Holdstation both illuminate the path for traders and investors, they do so with different beams, each attractive in its own right, and each guiding users towards a unique experience in the vast ocean of finance. Both platforms, with their distinct offerings and approaches, continue to play pivotal roles in shaping the future of how we navigate through the financial seas, ensuring that every journey, regardless of the path chosen, is well-lit and secure.

Holdstation: Committing to the Best in zkSync Era

A recent highlight from Defillama data reveals Holdstation’s derivative DEX on the zkSync network — Holdstation Defutures ranking 2nd in 30-day revenue, underscoring its potent value proposition for traders and affirming its adeptness in leveraging the benefits of Account Abstraction.

With its TVL recently peaking at $1.34 million, the platform is not merely a statistical success. It is a commitment, a promise to its users to provide a secure, user-friendly environment where they can maximize their yields and navigate their DeFi journey with unparalleled ease and security. With innovative offerings like the Holdstation Wallet and DeFuture, which adeptly intertwine the advantages of Account Abstraction and zkSync, users are empowered with reduced gas fees, expedited transaction speeds, and a simplified yet secure DeFi experience.

Thus, Holdstation, while drawing inspiration from eToro, is determined to carve its own path in the DeFi ocean, ensuring that the journey is not only profitable but also secure and user-friendly for all sailors aboard.


In the vast ocean of DeFi, Holdstation sets sail, blending the communal spirit of eToro with its own innovative, user-friendly approach. As it navigates through the intricate waves of decentralized finance, it remains steadfast, offering a balanced journey that thoughtfully intertwines educational, communal, and technological advancements, aiming to illuminate a clear and accessible path for all sailors in the expansive sea of finance.



Holdstation - Account Abstraction Wallet

Making #DeFi as easy as CeFi! Smart contract wallet for futures trading on #zkSyncEra. AccountAbstraction & RealYield integration. Support EVM & Layer2