Holdstation — Crypto Wallet: Built For Web3 And Decentralized-Holics

The crypto market is growing rapidly with tens of billions of dollars being traded through decentralized exchanges (DEX) and the launch of thousands of innovative blockchain projects daily. Every second passes, hundreds of investment opportunities are created - bringing good value to investors.

Transaction Volume On CEX vs. DEX

However, this large market is still facing many limitations in terms of asymmetric information as well as constant changes, creating many difficulties for new investors who lack experience and the ability to quickly identify trends. This comes as no surprise when even experienced investors are struggling to make profits.

So, Holdstation is built with the goal of becoming a platform that changes the way people invest in crypto and blockchain assets - more efficiency and accuracy. Acting as a gateway connecting these two groups of investors and providing a platform with many functions to optimize the trading process, the investment journey will become easier, and suitable for each investor’s risk appetite.

About Holdstation

Holdstation — Your Gate to Web3
Holdstation’s Features

Why choose EVM?

One of the biggest benefits of EVMs is their interoperability within the Ethereum ecosystem:

Moreover, we believe that by deploying on Layer2, blockchain transactions would be faster with lower fees. We aim to build a Defi app that ensures safety and provides a smooth, simple user experience.

Holdstation is ready to use

Beta Version Available on IOS

For the latest news, check out our Discord and follow us on Twitter.

Your Gate to Web3 💜🦈

Holdstation Website: https://holdstation.com

Holdstation Official Links: https://linktr.ee/holdstation



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🎯Make #Defi as easy as Cefi 🔥Share your trade PnL 🚀Swap any token & NFT, #Referral to Earn on the #AccountAbstraction integrated, #Selfcustodial wallet 💜🦈