HOLD Tokenomics — Building #RealYield for the Future


In just four months, our platform was accumulating an impressive $300,000 in trading fees — an achievement that has us buzzing with excitement! Imagine the excitement as our official token $HOLD takes centre stage, sharing 40% of trading fees. It’s not a makeover; it’s a complete game-changer, igniting a fresh approach to maximizing gains of #realyield.

What makes this even more incredible is our mission to expand the web3 party by targeting over 30 millions CFD traders on Web2 aboard. This translates to more trading activities and brings substantial yields for dedicated HOLD-ers gearing up for the long run.

Backing all of this is our carefully designed tokenomics framework — a strategy for staying strong and successful over time. It’s built to last and keep delivering revenue to generate higher yields.

Holdstation Tokenomics

Total $HOLD Supply: 30,000,000 $HOLD

Initial Circulation Supply: 5,173,500 $HOLD (17.25%)

Initial Market Cap: $5,173,500

Token Allocation & Vesting

Public Round (10%)

  • 100% unlocked at TGE for participants in the Holdstation Subscription Raise.
  • This allocation ensures fairness and equal access for those joining Holdstation through the public round, fostering an inclusive and diverse community.

Investor (10%)

  • Allocated for early investors who have been steadfast supporters in our private sales.

Community Fund (59%)

  • 5.5% unlocked during the Token Generation Event (TGE).
  • It is strategically designed to incentivize active users on Holdstation, facilitate early user airdrops & future airdrops, contribute to liquidity provisioning across the zkSync ecosystem, allocation for strategic partners and projects built upon the Holdstation foundation.

Team & Advisor (17%)

  • The allocation for the team and advisors is structured with a 12-month lock, followed by linear vesting over a 60-month period. This extended vesting period aligns with our vision for sustained collaboration and dedication.

Liquidity (4%)

  • This portion, comprising 4% of the total tokens, is entirely unlocked at TGE. Its purpose is to ensure ample liquidity for $HOLD trading pairs during the initial stages, laying the foundation for a robust and dynamic marketplace.

Token Utility

Holdstation’s tokenomics adapt the concept of #realyield, putting the spotlight on substantial, tangible returns for long-term investors. The idea is not just to create value but to make sure investors actively play a part in the success.

Here’s our bullish prospects that Holdstation’s tokenomics for long-term investors:

1. #RealYield via Trading Fees

In terms of trading fees, a strategic split allocates 40% to vault stakers in USDC, another 40% to HOLD-ers, and the remaining 20% to the project treasury. This will help to keep the platform going strong over the long haul.

These fees are smartly set up to match what long-term investors want, creating a win-win situation where the platform’s success means more value for HOLD-ers.

2. Gas Fee Payment and Discounted Trading Fees

Users can enjoy a remarkable 30% fee discount when choosing to pay gas fees with $HOLD and unlock additional discount trading fees (up to 40%) when staking $HOLD on Holdstation. This dual-tiered advantage not only simplifies transactions but also significantly enhances the value proposition for dedicated $HOLD stakers.

3. Buy Back and Burn

A portion of our trading fees & funds will be allocated to the quarterly Buy Back and Burn Program. This strategic move not only reduces token emissions but also enhances the overall value for our users.

4. $HOLD Governance

Participate in DAO voting with fellow users to guide the decentralized zkSync protocol. It’s an opportunity for us to collectively mold the $HOLD ecosystem. The best part? Incentive rewards from the ecosystem will be split among HOLD-ers.

5. Launchpad Privilege: Exclusive Benefits

Launchpad Privilege with a dedicated minimum allocation of 2% of tokens for $HOLD stakers in upcoming launchpad projects. It’s our way of ensuring that the $HOLD community enjoys exclusive benefits.


Summing it up, Holdstation is taking on the world of derivative perpetual trading, spanning crypto, forex, commodities, and global stocks. Our commitment to innovation shines through our advanced Account Abstraction technology, ensuring constant updates for an exceptional trading experience on decentralized finance wallets.

Holdstation is gearing up to be the native gateway on zkSync, leading the charge into a future liquidity of the new & genuine ecosystem. Exciting times ahead! 🌐



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