Explore Treasures on zkSync’s Voyage


The zkSync ecosystem is rapidly expanding, housing numerous promising projects with immense potential. This event is a prime opportunity for these projects to gain substantial exposure within the community.
Waste no time; participate in the event now to seize your chance at a share of the impressive prize pool.

The campaign starts from September 19th to November 17th

Prepare yourselves for an exciting treasure-hunting expedition! This promises to be an enthralling journey where you’ll have the chance to delve deeper into zkSync technology, including its fascinating facets like Account Abstraction.

Furthermore, this presents a golden opportunity for you to delve into the zkSync ecosystem alongside exceptional projects like Holdstation, Syncswap, zkSync Name Service, veSync, Interport Finance, XY Finance, Plant Crossing, Symbiosis, Starmaker, iZUMi Finance, De.Fi, SpaceFi, Velocore, Reactor Fusion and Ankr.

Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to acquaint yourselves with top-tier media partners who specialize in comprehensive coverage of the zkSync ecosystem.

Let’s collaboratively cultivate a sustainable zkSync ecosystem and pave the way for resounding success in the times ahead! ⚓🚀

How to Participate?

  1. Join our quest board at https://holdstation.com/voyage
  2. To earn as much XP as possible, complete all tasks, including social platform interactions, Holdstation Wallet usage, engagement with zkSync’s projects and media partners, and on-chain activities. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

2.1. Start with ‘Holdstation Voyage — Compulsory’ to qualify for ranking and rewards. This section contains 7 tasks designed to introduce you to Holdstation’s features. Tasks include:

  • Owning a Holdstation Wallet
  • Upgrading from EOA to Smart Wallet
  • Completing a swap on Holdstation
  • Staking USDC into the DeFutures Vault
  • Trading on Holdstation DeFutures
  • Trying a Paymaster on Holdstation DeFutures

Upon completing 6 experiential tasks, Task #7, ‘Compulsory Certification,’ will unlock. It certifies your completion of required tasks and makes you eligible for rewards.

2.2. Immerse yourself in the experience of the zkSync ecosystem.

This campaign offers 14 categories linked to each featured project in the zkSync ecosystem. Completing their tasks not only earns you XP but also offers exclusive rewards directly from these projects.

To claim their rewards, complete all basic tasks first. We’ll then reveal a limited ‘Certification’ task confirming your completion of all project tasks.

For instance, Syncswap offers four tasks: Follow X, Join Discord, Visit the Website, and Swap. After finishing these tasks, the ‘Syncswap — Certification task unlocks, but claim slots are limited.

Act swiftly to complete tasks and claim Certifications to maximize your rewards.

Additionally, explore ‘Holdstation Voyage — Social Media’ and ‘Holdstation Voyage — Bonus’ categories to earn extra XP. Don’t forget our smaller activities and events for more XP-earning opportunities.

Aim for a high XP total to reach bonus milestones. After the campaign ends, your rank-based rewards will be determined, so aim for the top positions! 🏆🌟

🏆 Prize Pool Breakdown:

The prizes, sponsored by Holdstation and our esteemed partners, encompass a total of 2,000,000,000 GOLD, over $2,000 in fiat currency, valuable NFTs, and various other rewards. These rewards will be distributed across the following three categories:

  1. Reward Milestones Based on Points:

Participants have the opportunity to earn rewards based on the points they accumulate throughout the campaign. There are 10 exciting milestones to aim for:

  • Milestone 1: Achieve 1,000XP → Earn 50,000 GOLD
  • Milestone 2: Achieve 2,000XP → Earn 100,000 GOLD
  • Milestone 3: Achieve 3,000XP → Earn 150,000 GOLD
  • Milestone 4: Achieve 4,000XP → Earn 200,000 GOLD
  • Milestone 5: Achieve 6,000XP → Earn 300,000 GOLD
  • Milestone 6: Achieve 8,000XP → Earn 400,000 GOLD
  • Milestone 7: Achieve 10,000XP → Earn 500,000 GOLD
  • Milestone 8: Achieve 12,000XP → Earn 600,000 GOLD
  • Milestone 9: Achieve 15,000XP → Earn 750,000 GOLD
  • Milestone 10: Achieve 18,000XP → Earn 900,000 GOLD

2. Ranking-Based Rewards at the End of the Campaign:

Additionally, participants have the chance to secure rewards based on their final rankings when the campaign concludes:

  • 🥇 1st Place: 20,000,000 GOLD + $250
  • 🥈 2nd Place: 18,000,000 GOLD + $200
  • 🥉 3rd Place: 16,000,000 GOLD + $150
  • 🏅 4th-5th Place: 14,000,000 GOLD Each + $100
  • 🏅 6th-10th Place: 12,000,000 GOLD Each + $40
  • 🏅 11th-20th Place: 10,000,000 GOLD Each
  • 🏅 21st-30th Place: 8,000,000 GOLD Each
  • 🏅 31st-50th Place: 7,000,000 GOLD Each
  • 🏅 51st-75th Place: 6,000,000 GOLD Each
  • 🏅 76th-100th Place: 5,000,000 GOLD Each
  • 🏅 101st-125th Place: 4,000,000 GOLD Each
  • 🏅 126th-150th Place: 3,000,000 GOLD Each
  • 🏅 151st-175th Place: 2,000,000 GOLD Each
  • 🏅 176th-200th Place: 1,500,000 GOLD Each

Get ready to embark on this thrilling adventure and claim your well-deserved rewards! 🚀

Here’s how you can claim your rewards:

Participants are entitled to receive two rewards, each with its own set of prerequisites. To qualify for these rewards, participants must successfully fulfill all the specified requirements, which are outlined below. 🏅🌟

Reward Milestones Based on Points:

Step 1: When you’ve achieved a specific milestone, hop over to our Discord server: discord.gg/holdstation.

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Claim GOLD from Zealy campaign’ channel and utilize the /mygold command to review your XP points, achieved milestones, and the corresponding GOLD rewards.

Step 3: Click ‘Claim GOLD’ to have your GOLD tokens sent to your wallet.

Ranking-Based Rewards at the End of the Campaign:

Following the campaign’s conclusion, rewards will be distributed based on rankings. We’ll declare the event’s end date, close all tasks, compile the rankings, and subsequently announce the results. Winners will be notified with instructions on claiming their rewards.”

3. zkSync Projects’ Rewards:

To add an element of surprise and excitement, we’re keeping the specifics about the rewards, including their value and form, under wraps for now.

As for the distribution of rewards, there will be a mix of randomly selected winners and those who complete the tasks most swiftly.

Rest assured, we’ll reveal all the exciting details as the campaign nears its conclusion. Stay tuned!

🚨 IMPORTANT NOTE: To be eligible for all rewards, participants must complete all tasks listed under the ‘Compulsory’ category.


Before you embark on this thrilling contest, kindly take note of the following essential details:

🏆 Completion of Compulsory Tasks: To qualify for ranking and to be eligible for rewards, it is imperative that you successfully complete all tasks listed in the ‘Compulsory’ category as detailed above.

🚨 Strict Anti-Cheating Measures: We maintain a stringent policy against any form of cheating. Any attempts to manipulate the contest or engage in dishonest practices will lead to immediate disqualification. Fair play is of utmost importance!

⛔ Violation Consequences: We reserve the right to disqualify and deny rewards to any participant found engaging in activities that compromise the integrity of the contest or violate the stipulated terms and conditions.

Your cooperation and adherence to these guidelines will ensure a fair and enjoyable contest experience for all participants. Good luck, and may the best sailors win! 🌟⚓

Your Gate to Web3 💜🦈

Holdstation Homepage: https://holdstation.com

Holdstation Official Links: https://link3.to/holdstation



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