3 Ways To Earn Money With Holdstation Wallet

2022 comes with the downtrend of the world financial market which made it more difficult for investors to earn money. For many people, just keeping money intact through the downtrend is already an achievement. Or with many others, they choose a low but safe yield from stablecoins. But actually, there is still a more attractive option with only zero capital needed that you may not know, let’s find out.

Earn money with Holdstation Wallet

Why Holdstation Wallet?

Holdstation Wallet is a self-custody crypto wallet, aka decentralized wallet that brings users the best Web3 experience. Holdstation supports more than 10 different chains, with over 10,000 tokens, and fully aggregates from your NFT to tokens and hidden tokens. Holdstation Wallet is high-security thanks to the in-app revoke feature and has an extremely convenient design.

Moreover, in the future, Holdstation plans to integrate Account Abstraction to become one of the first Smart Contract wallets and go by Ethereum’s EIP-4337, which Vitalik sees as the future of Web3 and crypto. Therefore, it can be seen that the potential of Holdstation Wallet is huge.

Holdstation Wallet supports more than 10 different chains

Especially, the project is only in the initial launch phase. Usually, this is the most important stage for each project because at this time the project needs the initial user group to experience the project, and spread it to the community.

So they are willing to spend big capital to achieve their goals. In particular, with quality projects, this stage is often the golden period for users to be able to receive airdrops later.

Joining the Holdstation Wallet experience to get a safe source of income now is a very appropriate time.

Earn GOLD with Holstation Wallet

First of all, you might be wondering what GOLD is, why does it have a safe earning mechanism with stablecoins like BUSD? Read the detailed article below.

👉 New Generation Token — What Makes GOLD And uGOLD So Special?

If you already understand the special of GOLD, let’s go into detail with 3 ways you can earn them below:

1. Own to Earn

The simplest way and also a very unique point of Holdstation Wallet, allowing you to profit from the assets in your wallet even if you do nothing. Currently, Holdstation Wallet is the only crypto wallet that allows this to happen. In traditional finance, you deposit money into a bank for safekeeping and earn interest on your balance every month. But now with Holdstation Wallet, it’s even better since you will receive GOLD continuously every day while remaining in complete control of your digital assets.

What’s better than owning crypto assets yourself and making a profit from it ️

Own to Earn with Holdstation Wallet

However, to avoid fraud cases, Holdstation will only calculate interest on your verified tokens. Don’t worry, all verified tokens are familiar and popular tokens like ETH, BNB, CRV, LINK, GMX,… The assets must be on these networks: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum and Avalanche.

2. Swap to Earn

Not only does Holdstation provide a convenient in-app swap feature, eliminating the need for users to connect to each DEX on each chain, but users also receive GOLD when swapping on Holdstation Wallet.

Swap to Earn with Holdstation Wallet

The amount of GOLD reward will be calculated based on the volume of the transaction, meaning the more you swap, the more GOLD you will receive. You will receive GOLD as soon as the swap is successful.

Currently, Holdstation is supporting swaps on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum and Avalanche networks. You can easily buy/sell your favourite tokens like GMX, BNB, APE… while getting more GOLD.

3. Referral to Earn

Referral is the most attractive way to make a profit on this list. Not only thanks to the high level of GOLD rewards, but you can also earn GOLD from 2 sources: active and passive.

Referral to Earn with Holdstation Wallet

Get GOLD as soon as you refer a friend successfully

For each friend you refer and use Holdstation Wallet, you will instantly receive at least 100,000 GOLD. And this number will increase as you refer more and more friends. The amount of GOLD received corresponds to the detailed table below:

Get GOLD when you refer friends

Get GOLD every time your friend’s swap

Not only with successful referrals, but you also get a passive income every time your friends swap on Holdstation Wallet. As soon as the swap is successful, you and your friend will receive GOLD up to 50% of the swap fee.

This means the larger the swap volume, the more GOLD you will get in return. Especially, if you are the one who referred, you will have a passive income from friends without having to do anything. There is nothing better than a safe cash flow of money in the middle of a bear market.

Above are 3 ways to help investors easily make a safe profit, even though the market is in a downtrend. Let’s download the Holdstation Wallet app and experience it 😊😊😊

Your Gate to Web3 💜🦈

Holdstation Homepage: https://holdstation.com

Holdstation Official Links: https://linktr.ee/holdstation



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